* FREE DELIVERY (West Malaysia)

Business Card
Business Card (free design)
Super white 250gsm as low as RM9 /box
Banner and Bunting
Banner / Bunting
as low as RM1.35 /ft
Label Sticker and Car Sticker
Label Sticker / Car Sticker
标签贴纸 / 汽车贴纸
Mirror Kate as low as RM0.05 /pc
Menu and Catelogue
Menu / Catalogue
菜单 / 商品目录
360gsm (Matte Lamination) as low as RM8 /pc
Business Doc. and Invoice and Receipt Book
Business Doc. / Invoice / Receipt Book
商业文件 / 发票 / 收据簿
as low as RM15 /book
Brochure and Flyers
Brochure / Flyers
手册 / 传单
Artpaper 128gsm as low as RM0.03 /pc
Booklet and Photo Book
Booklet & Photo book
册子 / 相片书
Artpaper 128gsm as low as RM3 /book
Vouchers and Tickets
Vouchers / Tickets
优惠券 / 门票
as low as RM1 /pad
Letterhead and Envelope
Letterhead & Envelope
信封纸 / 信封
Peel and Seal as low as RM0.15 /pc
Paper Bag
as low as RM1.50 /pc
Logo and Artwork Design
Pre-ink Stamp
as low as RM17 /pc
Web Design and Hosting
Money Packet
Ready or Custom-made
Key / CD/ Document Folder
钥匙 / CD / 文件夹
as low as RM0.73 /pc
Logo and Artwork Design
Logo & Artwork Design
Start from RM30
Web Design and Hosting
Web Design & Hosting
网页设计 / 伺机服务
Start from RM100
  • Why me?

    As a freelance designer, I work at home, So I can offer to small-medium enterprise, individuals and non-profit organisation at a very competitive printing cost, also provide varying levels of customized design depending on the clients’ budgets and needs.

  • Flyers and banners

    Flyers and banners are great advertising options for small businesses because they are extremely cost effective. Printed once and hung either in your store windows or placed around town, banners and flyers are one of the most noticeable forms of promotion.